About Judy


I’m Judy Janse van Rensburg, the founder of Mind Strategies and Irock Coaching. Like you, I’m also a concerned parent. I have three daughters with such diverse personalities that I often wonder if they were not switched at birth.

I’ve been in the assessment industry for over 15 years, working with corporate clients to select new recruits, bursary students, evaluating management and leadership potential. I studied psychology at Stellenbosch (BSc. Hons Psychology) and University of Potchefstroom (MA Industrial Psychology) and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as Psychometrist: Independent Practice. This means that I specialise in assessment and do not do any therapy. All the details are over on my Linkedin Profile if you want to have a look there.

I’ve assessed a large number of students on behalf of various organisations and have realised over the years that making the right career decision early on in your career is absolutely vital. For quite some time I’ve resisted working with school leavers, because I felt comfortable working with adults. As my kids have grown up and are now in high school, I’m realising how big the need really is for parents to help their kids make a good career choice. I became really concerned about the lack of self knowledge some of the youngsters have and how often they told me that they never really did anything in Life Orientation ( or they did not understand the relevance of what they did there.) Most of the time their parents work really hard and don’t have the time or know how, to assist them with making career decisions. Because let’s face it, when we were youngsters career options were really limited. There was not really much of a choice. But today we are trying to educate our kids for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

That is why I’ve refocussed my offering and shifted towards working specifically with grade 11 and 12’s and young school leavers. Let’s face it. Life Orientation classes can only teach you so much(if you are lucky enough to have a good teacher). We all know how often Life Orientation is used as “spare time or homework period” at school. The truth is teachers are so busy teaching their curriculum, it’s really unfair to expect them to put in the same effort for Life Orientation.