Adult Career Transition

Our working lives can change in the blink of an eye. One day you are employed and the next day you might be out of a job. that is why one should always be evolving and know what your strengths are in order to adapt to these fast changing times.

What’s going¬† on for you?

[accordion title=”I want to change career direction”]Did you take a job because you needed the money and now you are not happy there anymore. Do you feel stuck in a dead end job and want to make a change? A career counseling conversation can assist you in finding a new direction. If necessary, career assessment can help you clarify what your strengths are and exactly what kind of work would best suit your personality as well as abilities. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”I’ve been fired”][/accordion]

[accordion title=”I am facing retrenchment”]Retrenchment is scary for most people. When you have a plan of action, it can ease the stress that comes with having to face finding a new job. Make sure that your CV is up to date at all times and if you have not yet created a Linkedin profile, do so as soon as possible. Technology is making it much easier to apply for jobs online. Consider making a list of all of your skills that you have acquired. You may be able to apply your skills that you learned in one industry, to a completely different industry.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”I have already been trenched and feel lost”]The worst thing you can do when you’ve been retrenched is to not get up at your regular work time. It is important for you to maintain a healthy routine. When you’ve been retrenched, your new full time job becomes “finding a new job”. So get up at the same time as you would have, get dressed and make sure that you are ready for an interview every day. If you have not been to an interview in a while, perhaps your CV is not compiled in a way that will invite interviews, or you may¬† need some guidance around how to conduct yourself during an interview.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”My home/family life has changed and my current job no longer suits me”]As we go through life our situation can change in a blink of an eye. Things like becoming a mom or a family member that becomes ill, may require us to change how we are working. If you are currently employed and need to change your work arrangements, consult with your HR manager or direct manager before just resigning. Discuss flexible working arrangements with them for a temporary period of time. Most managers would be inclined to try and accommodate you, as the cost of recruiting someone new and getting them up to speed is quite prohibitive.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”I’m really bored in my current job and need something more stimulating and fulfilling”]If you’ve been employed for a while, you may have outgrown your current position and it is time to map out your next career move. If your job is not stimulating at present it could be possible that you were not matched correctly with the position you are appointed in. A career competency assessment could provide you with detailed information, enabling you to match your specific skills and abilities with the right job.[/accordion]