So you’ve made a subject choice and things may not have gone according to plan. Perhaps you lost interest in some areas and gained new interests in other areas. Perhaps you spent some time job shadowing and realised that, even though being a doctor seems great, you just can’t deal with all the blood and guts.

It’s now becoming time to decide if you want to study further, get a job or start a business.

If you have booked your assessment session – well done.If you have not yet booked your assessment, please check with us to see which dates are available.

Please take note of the documents to send to us prior to the assessment day.

  • Copy of the learners’ ID/birth certificate
  • Completed client intake form
  • Copy of the learners’ most recent rapport indicating marks obtained in the different subjects
  • Any other test results that could be relevant like career assessments, hearing, sight or other impairment evaluation (Occupational Therapist report, Audiologist report, etc.)

What to bring on the day of assessment

Please bring your own lunch. (Tea, cold drink, water  and biscuits will be available as light refreshment only.)