Self awareness is the starting point for any personal development.

If we want to improve performance, either as individuals, in teams or as leaders, we’ve got to know who we are and why we act the way we do. Only then can we achieve meaningful change.

The MBTI Framework gives us a simple and accessible way to become more self aware. It helps us identify our personality preferences and understand our potential strengths and development areas. And this leads to actionable insights for improving performance.

It’s flexible too. We can use the MBTI Framework to explore multiple workplace challenges, from communication and conflict to leadership, team performance, managing stress and more.

And because it provides a common language for everyone to talk about difference, it puts everyone at the same level.

For more information on using the MBTI in your organisation contact Judy Janse van Rensburg on 0825381584 or email judyjvr@mindz.co.za