Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics is the number one Business development pathway that focuses on the team dynamics at the core of business development.

At our heart is the belief that everyone has a fundamental right to experience trust and flow and that this happens first on an individual level. Every person has something of value they bring to the team, a strength or a talent. This needs to be harnessed and encourages to bring value to the team and increase the level of trust.

The Talent Dynamics profile test provides you and your team with this insight.

It looks as what your team are good at and suggests ways that you can work together to improve your team dynamics and increase the amount of flow in your group. The profile assesses personality, strength, productivity, values and behaviour allowing you and your team to focus on your strengths and support each other in areas you aren’t naturally drawn to.

Imagine a team that worked well together, could anticipate each other and could back each other up. A team fully in “flow”. What economic impact would that have on your business or organisation?

Talent Dynamics is on a mission to show you where your team’s value lies, how it can be unlocked and how you can share it with others to improve job satisfaction, productivity and most importantly the bottom line

Expected outcomes of working with talent dynamics

  • Improve engagement and commitment levels of teams
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Create a high performing environment
  • Reduce waster and absences.
  • Lower the turnover of staff.

Benefits of working with Talent Dynamics

Find your flow, reclaim your time: When you understand your profile, you can reorganise your time to focus on what you love most and do best. You can know what to say no to. When you do this, your fulfillment and effectiveness goes up, and your stress and struggles goes down. That’s what happens when you find your flow.

Clarify your natural path: Your profile is not a box to get stuck in , but a path to follow and a game to play. Each of the 8 profiles have different playgrounds and different rules to the game. By knowing your natural path, you can know what role models to follow, what advice to take and what advice to ignore.

Grow a high performing team: Each of the 8 profiles attracts, builds and leads a team in a different way. Having a high performing team is the key to scaling your business. Building the right team, with the right people in the right place begins by using Talent Dynamics to know yourself, and then to know your team.

Accelerate your company’s financial success: At the heart of Talent Dynamics is the talent equation. Understanding how flow is created through value and leverage. Once you know how to create value and leverage it in your natural way, you can impact the growth of revenues(through value creation) and profits ( through better leverage) to directly impact your company’s financial success.

Achieve your true potential: How much do you believe are you currently achieving your true potential? Most of us are only achieving a fraction of what we are capable of. Using the entire system of Talent Dynamics allows us to leverage our own value far more effectively, to make the difference we can in the world.

Take the test here

For more information or consultation to discuss your unique needs please contact Judy Janse van Rensburg on 0825381584 or judyjvr@mindz.co.za