Workshops and interventions

Personal Mastery for leaders

Personal Mastery for leaders is aimed at individuals within organisations who are currently in leadership positions or who will be moving into leadership positions within the next 3-6 months. During this 1 Day session leaders will be introduced to the Personal Service Model and create their own blueprint for personal mastery. Key areas addressed during this session includes: Understanding self as individual and leader, Your circle of influence, Finding your magic – what you have to offer, Roles and Relationships, How do people know you, Costs and consequences of actions, Knowing your worth (compensation and rewards)

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence in the workplace is aimed at employees who want to increase their level of emotional intelligence in order to cope more effectively with the day to day demands within the work environment. This workshop is available at general employee level as well as Management/Executive level and is presented over 2 days. Each participant will complete their own EQ profile and receive individual feedback from a psychologist/psychometrist. The workshop walks each participant through the 5 core dimensions of EQ, eg. Self Perception, Self expression, Interpersonal aspects, Decision Making and Stress Management. Each participant will leave the session with their own customised development plan with clear objectives. (*Additional individual coaching is available for this product. Ask us about the pricing for coaching.)

Communicating with your type

Communicating with difficult people is aimed at employees who need to build strong and effective relationships within the workplace. Aspects like assertiveness, negotiation and dealing with conflict are addressed in this highly practical one day session. Participants will complete their individual communication style profile and will be guided through the implications of communication with different kinds of people.

Building teams with your type

Building Teams with your type. Without teamwork an organisation is heading for disaster. This is an intervention aimed at poor performing or dysfunctional teams and best offered off-site.

Managing Stress in the Workplace