Dignity:Building Self Worth handbook and workbook


Self-worth…  Is it important?


If you can’t appreciate yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?  How can you expect to value others, if the simple act of valuing yourself is too much of a strain?

We all struggle with this at times, but learning to accept and love yourself is one of the most powerful steps you can take on the road to success.

In fact, if you do nothing else but truly learn your real worth, a lot of the other things in your life will start to fall into place.


This workbook is the perfect place to start your journey towards self-worth. It will walk you through a number of simple exercises that provide powerful results.

Take a deep breath, remind yourself that this is going to be a piece of cake and you are worth taking the time to do it.

Learn 10 steps to cultivate and build your own self worth.



Handbook and workbook

10 Steps to develop self worth

This eBook is a guide to encourage and support you to take control of your self-esteem, honor your self-worth and reclaim your dignity.

No one else in the history of the universe has been just like you. You’re the best example of yourself that there is, or ever has been. And you have a responsibility to be kind to yourself, acknowledge and celebrate the individual qualities that make you up.

Dignity is not something people talk about that much – but it’s the foundation and signal to the world of self-worth. Saying someone has dignity tells you there’s something special about them – they’re not defined by other people, they know and value themselves. And it stands out. There’s a quiet shine to dignity – it’s not the brash shininess of arrogance or the heavy smallness of self-doubt. Dignity is calm and confident – dignity says this person knows their inner self and they stand proud.

Dignity is a powerful concept that lifts ‘self-esteem’ above just feeling good about yourself. Dignity honors your value as a unique human being – it implies honesty and self-awareness as well as positivity. And increasing your self-knowledge and self-valuation is the theme of this book.