The Recharge Workshop


Beat Burnout

You’ve got too much on your plate and feel like there is never enough time to get everything done. Your inbox is overflowing and as soon as you think things are under control, another crisis pops up. All this change and trying to keep up is exhausting and starting to takes it’s toll on your mind, body and emotional resources. Perhaps you’ve noticed your concentration lagging and mistakes are creeping in. You just don’t feel like you are on top of your game like you used to be.

I get that you’re busy and you can’t always afford to take a few days of to recharge in a meaningful way. But you can take a few hours to design your own plan to recharge in your own time on your own schedule in a fun way. Your situation is unique and a one-size fits all solution won’t work for you. This is why I designed this workshop for you, to create a plan that works for YOU.

This 2hr workshop is designed to help you stop for a moment and get off the hamster wheel so you can:

  • Review – Discover where you are at and what’s causing the stress. You need to know where you are and get a crystal clear picture of your current situation, both personally and professionally. If you’re feeling stressed and burned out, we must determine what is causing the “too much” stress and strategize how you can cope more effectively. We’ll review people, places, practices and philosophies that are keeping you stuck, so we can move to get you unstuck.
  • Reflect – Understand what is draining your energy and what actually gives you energy. We take a deep dive into the factors that drain your energy, whatever those may be for you. There are a few obvious ones you may not have considered. You’ll get to rediscover and remember what gives you energy, by “coming back to yourself”. You will know exactly what the conditions are for you to be at your best.
  • Reset – We do a “factory reset to default”. Getting back to the best version of you. You take control by deciding what you want to change and how you want to change and set your own pace. Decide what are the things that need to change and what you need to say NO to.
  • Recharge – Design your unique plan to recharge and remain energized so that you can get back on top of your game. Improve your productivity and performance.

You will leave this workshop refreshed and recharged with a clear and concise plan, that suits your unique situation in order to keep recharging.

The details:

This is a 2 hour online workshop.

$97 pay in US dollar

R1650 pay in ZAR

To run this session in-house please contact me directly on 0825381584 or