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Join me for dinner every 1st Wednesday of the month in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It’s an intimate setting with delicious food and deep conversation that will nourish your mind, body and soul.

There are 12 seats available each month. If you are interested in having conversations about the inner magic that sets your soul on fire, then this is for you.

This dinner is for the discerning individual who values the power of the spoken word to create a life of purpose. Book here.

What to talk in a safe and confidential space, feel nourished and deeply heard? Give yourself the gift of one of these private sessions where we realign your energy, clear out what’s holding you back and get you back on purpose. Book your session here.

Exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out from doing too much for too long, without the necessary support? Join Sacred Professional SelfCare.

This is a 6 week immersive burnout recovery program for professional women in the HR and Psychology field.

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Burnout to Bliss Masterclass

Get yourself and your team engaged, fired up and productive again. Get more information here.

Recharge with this short, fun and impactful 2 hour session to learn about burnout and how to recharge at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Join The Recharge Workshop.

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