Are you a Sleepless Steve or Exhausted Ella?

Meet Sleepless Steve

Sleepless Steve is 51 and works as a manager/leader in a manufacturing and production facility. He works long hours, around 12-14 hour days, pretty much 6 days a week. Steve has two cell phones that never leave his side. One is for work and the other is for personal use. Steve used to be an avid cyclist and would be at the gym at least 4 times per week, but lately it’s been really tough to fit in excercise with the latest crisis that he had to deal with at work. When things calm down a bit, he promised himself he would get back on his bike. That’s been a couple of weeks now.

Steve has also noticed that his favourite pants are becoming tighter as his middle seems to be growing. He’s picked up a few kilos and it starting to show. At his last doctor’s appointment, Steve learned that his blood pressure and cholesterol are high and he needs to do something about it.

Steve struggles to fall asleep at night , because he is worried about the future and don’t know if he will still have a job in the the next few years. To take the edge off from all the stress, Steve enjoys a whiskey every night when he gets home. Lately, the one glass of whiskey turned to 3 glasses to help him sleep.

Meet Exhausted Ella

Ella recently celebrated her 46th birthday. She has two teenagers in high school and also looks after her aging parents. There is a lot of financial responsibility and she very careful with her money.

She’s a Snr HR Manager and responsible for the major restructuring project currently happening in her organisation. Ella has been working long days and has added responsibilities of implementing wellness interventions in the organisation. She loves helping people and has been supporting everybody else in her team with work and personal issues.

Ella is also worried about the security of her job, because the next round of retrenchments are coming up. She’s looking out for other jobs, but her current job pays well, so she’s scared to make a move and loose her current benefits. She also does not want to relocate at present because of her parents and her kids are almost done with high school and it would be just too disruptive for everyone.

A few weeks ago Ella was in a car accident and she’s been struggling with persistent flu and colds. She’s having to take more time off work to recover and her performance just isn’t the same anymore. Ella is a high performer, but feels overwhelmed with everything on her plate right now. She is thoroughly exhausted.

Are you Steve or Ella?

Perhaps you work with a Steve or Ella?

Or you could be married to a Steve or Ella?

What to do?

Create awareness: Attend the Burnout to Bliss Masterclass in person or virtual or host the Burnout to Bliss Masterclass at your organisation as part of your wellness offering.

Recover from Burnout: It might be time for you to join the Sacred CEO Selfcare program (6 weeks immersion burnout recovery)

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