Burnout to Bliss Masterclass

Get yourself and your team engaged, fired up and productive again.

The most recent Gallup report indicates that stress around the world is at an all time high. It’s even higher than during the big C. What we are seeing now is the fall out of long term, continued pressure and worry being felt by people around the world.

Women, especially seem to be more at risk for stress and burnout than ever before as their workload has exponentially increased in a world of work that was designed more than a 100 years ago in an age that no longer exists.

Being put under constant pressure has serious negative effects and we are seeing an increase in burnout in the workplace.

The pressure is changing and new struggles are emerging.

  • Should I go back to the office or should I work from home?
  • Should I change jobs or stay with the one I have?
  • Should I move and start over or stick with what I’ve got?
  • Should I quite my job and home school my kids?

The pressure keeps mounting and many people, just like you, are feeling the effects of decision fatigue and potentially burnout. Managers, executives, HOD’s and staff are feeling overwhelmed and overworked. The long hours and lack of support is starting to take it’s toll.

How long can you still keep on going like this?

Don’t turn into a B.O.B (burned out boss), they create EE’s (exhausted Ella’s) and SS’s(stressed out Steve’s)

Attend a live in person 90 min session of the Burnout to Bliss Masterclass.

Learn how you can beat burnout, escape overwhelm and be free to live in your bliss.

During this masterclass we’ll cover the following:

*How to recognize the signs of burnout.

*What causes burnout in leaders.

*A framework for preventing burnout.

*What overwork looks like in an organization.(interesting shifts and metrics to look out for)

*How overwhelm disrupts your daily functioning.

*Six strategies to conquer leadership overwhelm.

You or your someone on your team may find this particularly useful.

If you know a B.O.B., Exhausted Ella or Stressed out Steve, then invite them to join in this masterclass.

This 90 min Masterclass is offered live and in person, in-house for your organization at R7500 per session for up to 25 delegates. Excellent value as part of your organizations’ wellness offering. *Flights, travel and accommodation excluded.

A more focussed 45 min Masterclass is available via Zoom at R2500 per session when you need to create awareness around burnout in your organisation, but your budget is a little tight or you don’t have time to get everyone in the same room.

Add some fire to your next:

  • strategic planning session
  • corporate breakaway,
  • exco meeting,
  • management meeting,
  • team building session or
  • wellness day.

Book your session today. Contact judyjvr@mindz.co.za for more information and available dates. This session is highly engaging and motivational. Get your team fired up!

Fascilitator: Judy Janse van Rensburg