Time to unleash your inner hero

When you were just a child around 4 or 5 years old, anything was possible for you. You believed then that you could do anything and be anything. Nothing was impossible.

So what changed in between then and now?

The school system taught you how to be a good little robot and test taker.

Your teacher told you how important it was to “colour inside the lines”. That the sky can’t be orange and the grass must always be green. You knew this wasn’t true, but you went along with it because adults should know, right?

Perhaps your parents told you to study hard, get a degree and then get a good stable job.

Your aunt told you not to rock the boat and not to speak to loud.

Your first boss told you to dress in more demure colours, not so bright.

Speak only when spoken to. Don’t stand out, fit in with the crowd.

Follow the rules.

Slowly, very slowly your spark and that inner hero was silenced over the years and somehow you forgot about him/her.

S/he is still there, waiting for you to remember who you are, how amazing you are and that anything is still possible for you if you believe.

Forget about the rules. Colour outside the lines, speak your mind and your truth, be a rebel, be a hero.

Let’s make some magic happen.